Following the puzzling death of Sir Charles Baskerville on the grounds of his country house, the net is becoming even tighter around his heir. Will Sherlock Holmes and his faithful Watson succeed in stopping the devilish hound? Sherlock Holmes’ most famous case, directed by Petr Zelenka. Sherlock Holmes is coming! Even your dog is going to be scared!
Welcome to the world of Baron Munchhausen. This world turns around somewhat faster than you are used to, and it is not much larger than the castle gardens. Despite this, everything can fit into it. It is a place of miraculous, unheard-of and unusual events … Just imagine: love and good triumph, and evil has not got the slightest chance. Welcome to the world of the most famous liar of all times. A world that cannot be found on maps and that can only be entered into at the time that thrushes sing. Prompt lies. Witty lies. Perfect lies. Lies for the entire family.
A romantic comedy full of adventure, intrigues, love and fierce duels. Athos, Porthos, Aramis and d’Artagnan in the service of the king and especially of the queen, in the fight against the beautiful but cruel Mylady, Cardinal Richelieu’s right hand. The theatre adaptation of the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas, the authors of which are Martin Glaser and Olga Šubrtová, was written directly for the open-air stage of the park of Český Krumlov.
An ingenious setting of the original story, written by Prosper Mérimée, narrating about the wild gypsy Carmen, whose love cannot be won by anybody forever. The composer’s last opera, which is full of sensual and passionate melodies, ranks rightfully among the trio of the most frequently staged operas nowadays, next to Verdi’s Aida and Puccini‘s Tosca. Performed in the French original.
One of the most beautiful and best-known classical ballets to music by P. I. Tchaikovsky is returning to the Open-Air Theatre in Český Krumlov, with new choreography by Attila Egerházi.
Dvořák’s most lyrical work about an impossible desire cannot find a better place than in front of the Revolving Auditorium. It has been at home there for over half a century. In 2014, it will have been nine years since the last production of Rusalka directed by Josef Průdek was premiered there, therefore it is time to produce a new Rusalka. This time it will be in the musical production of Mario De Rose, directed by Jiří Heřman, and with leading Czech singers.
The famous commedia dell’arte directed by Jiří Menzel will entertain you royally. It is fun to observe that serving two masters is no fun.